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Safe Trader / 3rd Party Trades


Safe Trader / 3rd Party Trades
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No other way to be safer....

As well as offering my site for people to sell their goods on I am offering to do 3rd Party Trades.

For those who don't know what 3rd Party Trades are it's this:

*Both Parties will send their package to me(the 3rd Party). When both packages are in my possession I thenwill deliever the packages too the right person.
This is done for the main propose of being safe and not getting screwd on a deal. Trust me, it's not a good feeling.

Unfortunately there will be charges for this. The charge will be shipping for both packages and $10.00 from both parties.

If wanted, as an additional option, I will personally check to make sure everything is in the package that is supposed to be. For another option I will check to make sure everything is in working order and give you a write up on my opinion on the deal. But if you wanted that option there would be a $5.00 charge(for air and paint).

A safe trade is a good trade.