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My Resume

Gabe Koscielski

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To be sponcerd and join a good team in my playing area of Bay City, Michigan.


I have been playing paintball for 4 years now, and I have been playing more now than I have
ever had. I started playing paintball with my Talon, everybody has to start somewhere.
And from that Talon, I bought my brothers Tippmann Prolite, played with that for several
months. Then, I bought an F4 Illustrator and sold my Prolite to get a nitrogen tank.
Several months later I sold my F4 and saved up a few bucks and bought an Autococker,
which I then sold for a beat up shocker. Ever sense I've gotten my Shocker, I've been upgrading it a lot to get
to it's maximum performance. I play mostly at Swan Creek Paintball in Saginaw,
Michigan and also have a few fields that we created our selves. This year I plan on
attending the Michigan Monster Game 2001, a couple 12 hour games and going to a couple tourneys at Swan
Creek Paintball.

So, if you're looking for an experienced player to be on your team I am the guy for you.
I'm also looking for sponsors of any type. And store owners, I really like stickers and
decals, if you have any to give away I'd be more than happy to take one. Thanks!